Dump Trailer Rental is a local Florida Keys owned business, and our goal is to help you reduce the amount of time, sweat, and frustration at the dump.

Dump Trailer Rental LLC was founded by Brian Lindback Jr, a Florida Keys conch; in 2018. Brian started his clean up jobs in 2016, while working for his Dad’s trash company, Atlantic Trash. They discovered there was a demand for clean up jobs, and Brian set out to fill these demand with his pick up truck. At the time he loaded the bed down with the trash, and drove to the dump to unload. While waiting to unload at the dump, Brian noticed how inefficient it was to unload the trailers by hand. That is when he decided to purchase his first dump trailer. After Hurricane Irma, Brian did a lot of cleanup for the Upper Keys. During this time it was made extremely clear how convenient and efficient dump trailers are when hauling and dumping debris.

Our Vision is to provide dump trailers for residential and commercial needs by offering

Rental, Delivery, & Debris Removal services.

We keep it Easy, Breezy, & Keyzee


Call: 305-587-1828